Our fundraisers are often supported through social affairs geared to bring encouragement, exposure and education; through entertainment,  for the people.  With the mission to "inpire the aspiring artists of tomorrow."  By training and developing artists in conjunction to being positive role models to our youth.  Truly, we are honored to be associated with the foundation company, Nspired Images LLC, but, we are not limited. 


Any day or time, our supporters make a donation of any amount to assist in the increase and growth of our scholarships.  Where only one achiever can receive up to $4,000.00 and $1,000 for themselves to purchase anything of their liking.  As well as the JMLT Scholarship is limited to 12 achievers, who will receive up to $500.  Be a support and make a donation.  

50% of it's earning from his earning as a playwright will go towards JSCT Scholarship as 25% of the production will be made to JSCT Scholarship.  Please exchange your support to us by supporting this EPIC Stage Play. 

Our Fundraiser is to assist in the fulling: 

Scholarship Development -  Incorporate as a tax exempt, Non Profit Organization, starting the scholarship banking account, $12,000 first year

Website Development - that would services online application, qualification details, and the legacy of Jaime S. Clark Tyson.  $3,500.00 per year

Workspace Development - the location, where our board/partners meets, fundraiser preparation takes place and hosting of small function fundraisers.  $62,000.00 per year

Staffing Development - This portion of the JSCT Scholarship Program, allows us to operate as certified Non Profit Organization that grants us the platform to offer job placement within our community, which consist of: QUALIFIED Board of Directors, and staffing.