The Qualifications adhere as
  • Candidate must be in senior of High School. 
  • Candidate must have 2.8 or better G.P.A. 
  • Candidate must be born in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • Must attend a University first year. 
  • * Must have over 90 hours of community services. (school, church, community organization and/or Nspired Images) 
  • Must graduate from Atlanta Pubic School 
  • Must be a child who have lost a parent(s) 
  • A Written letter from Principal, Pastor, Community Leader of why they should receive this scholarship. 
  • Must have permission from the graduating school to film a snippet of the candidates life in the school. 
  • Household cannot exceed $35,000 per year 
  • * Candidate Must be African American
  • Candidate CANNOT have any disciplinary records from K - 12th grade. 
  • Candidate CANNOT have any criminal charges against him/her
  • Candidate CANNOT have a child. 
  • * Candidate Must have perfect attendance K - 12th grade 
  • Candidate CANNOT have been detained between K - 12th grade
WHAT DOES THE JSCT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM OFFERS?                                  
The JSCT Scholarship awards one qualified candidate a first year, Scholarship to any University of his/her choice. To include, this recipient is honored and rewarded the JSCT Scholarship at the Nspired Image Awards, held every 4th Saturday of June. With more recognition to this achieving candidate, he/she will be sponsored luxury transportation to and from the Award Ceremony, sponsored in wardrobe, provided the platform to give an acceptance speech, featured on our Awards Website for the entire year.